Umbrahorn - Warlock

Apply for 25m/10m Raiding and Friend spots

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Umbrahorn - Warlock

Post by Umbra » Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:56 pm

Name: Isac
Age: 26
Location: Norway
Character: Umbrahorn
BattleTag (So we can reach you in-game)): Shieldhorn#2216
Position applied for: RDPS
Armory Link: ... /Umbrahorn

Why do you want to join <Archaic Order> and how did you know about us?
Through Zherin, Rozar and Davo. I wish to join AO for potential raiding and staying among friends, possibly making new friends.

Previous guilds (recently) and why you left them.
SALT: Guild essentially disbanded and I wish to follow Zherin (My wife).

List any members of AO who will vouch for you.
Not sure I can ask anyone to vouch for me.

Do you understand that the following are required?
- A solid computer, able to play the game with spell-details etc turned up, without it melting down.
- An ISP/network that doesn't cause you to lag, frequently dc or go down.
- TeamSpeak3, a microphone and the confidence to use it.
- Control of your emotions and a "guild first" attitude.


Raiding Schedule (invites start at 19.45)
- Tuesday, 20:00 - 23:30
- Wednesday, 20:00 - 23:30
- Sunday, 20:00 - 23:30

Do you understand that we require regular attendance of these raids? Can you foresee any reasons why you might need to miss these raids, or anything else that might affect your attendance (positively or negatively)?


Your Experience

What is the artifact progress(levels) on your main spec, and for offspec if you have any.
Irrelevant in current patch since your weapon is maxed out regardless of spec.

What legendaries do you have for your main spec, and for offspec if you have any(only list relevant / BIS spec legendaries).
Have BiS head for affliction, unable to check currently what other leges I have, I dont mind returning to this specific question for further answer.

Are you willing/able to play any other class with similar artifact progress as your main if you have one.
Yes, although I will admit i am currently struggling a bit with the multi-dotting of Affliction, wish to main destro or demo.

Please post a link to a recent WOL report from a raid you've been part of(preferably kills)
Not world of logs but warcraft logs (From when I played rogue called Zealom, please don't sue): ... amage-done ... amage-done

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