Vaal - Warrior [ACCEPTED]

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Vaal - Warrior [ACCEPTED]

Post by Ceph » Thu May 10, 2018 4:27 pm

Location:United kingdom
Character: Vaál
BattleTag (So we can reach you in-game): Barry#22772
Armory Link:

Previous guilds (recently) and why you left them: Tessallate people lost motivation drive to come to mythic argus stuck it out as long as i could
To many pointless wipes for me already had tactics down 100s pulls ago

Your previous raiding experience(in this expansion or before):Legion 7/7 EM mythic 10/10 NH mythic 7/9 TOS mythic 10/11 Antorus mythic

Can you foresee any reasons why you might need to miss raids, or anything else that might affect your attendance: No i have 100% raid attendance when i join a raiding guild ill always make the raid times

What is the artifact progress(levels) on your main spec, and for offspec if you have any: 81 fury 76 arms 75 prot

What legendaries do you have for your main spec, and for offspec if you have any(only list relevant / BIS spec legendaries): i have all legos for every spec

Are you willing/able to play any other class with similar artifact progress as your main if you have one: i would be willing to play a other class if its needed no problem

Please post a link to a recent WOL report from a raid you've been part of(preferably kills): ... /va%C3%A1l ... amage-done