Quëldroma - Warlock [DECLINED]

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Quëldroma - Warlock [DECLINED]

Post by Ceph » Tue May 01, 2018 6:43 pm

Name: Adrian
Age: 28
Location: Romania
Character: Quëldroma
BattleTag (So we can reach you in-game): Selkath#2714
Armory Link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... 3%abldroma
Previous guilds (recently) and why you left them:
Minions, I left this guild because of the childish atmosphere. I was in the core team, until 9/11 mythic progress. I left the guild, because of the raiding atmosphere filled kids cursing etc.
Your previous raiding experience(in this expansion or before):
I’ve raided mythic in every raid in Legion. I'm 9/11 mythic experienced in AtBT, although I missed the kills on Varimathras and Imonar, I participated in the progress of those fights. My previous guild expanded the ID indefinitely afterwards.
Can you foresee any reasons why you might need to miss raids, or anything else that might affect your attendance:
Only IRL issues that might appear with my girlfriend or her kid, otherwise I'm quite reliable.
What is the artifact progress(levels) on your main spec, and for offspec if you have any:
75 on main (affliction warlock), 75 on offspec (destruction warlock).
What legendaries do you have for your main spec, and for offspec if you have any(only list relevant / BIS spec legendaries):
I have all the BiS legendaries for my main and offspec.
World of Warcraft
Quëldroma - WoW
Quëldroma - WoW

Are you willing/able to play any other class with similar artifact progress as your main if you have one:

Yes. I also have a shaman elemental/resto, 965+ with bis legendaries and 75 traits on both specs, a Boomkin/Resto druid & Shadow/Holy Priest, similarly geared.

Please post a link to a recent WOL report from a raid you've been part of(preferably kills):

This is our log for my previous guild first Mythic Coven kill:
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/k8 ... amage-done

I'd really like to find a mature, competitive group of friends, for Antorus and BfA. Your guild description sounds perfect to me, I simply want to have fun in this game at a decent competitive level, with a group