ples application [ACCEPTED]

Apply for 25m/10m Raiding and Friend spots

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ples application [ACCEPTED]

Post by ples2 » Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:45 pm

Name: Per
Age: 26
Location: Norway
Character: Ples
BattleTag (So we can reach you in-game)): nepskalle#2727[/i]
Position applied for: Raider
Armory Link: ... ether/ples

Why do you want to join <Archaic Order> and how did you know about us?
I want to take the game more seriously since i have more time on my hands and you seem like a strong team, Alex#2303 hit me up on bnet

Previous guilds (recently) and why you left them.
All guilds ive been to in legion has disbanded/quit, I've been there to the end in all of them, Syn, Divergence, As expected, and now Slackers. In the mix is just an irl guild that died once they made mythic 20man

List any members of AO who will vouch for you.
Probably none.

Do you understand that the following are required?
- A solid computer, able to play the game with spell-details etc turned up, without it melting down.
- An ISP/network that doesn't cause you to lag, frequently dc or go down.
- TeamSpeak3, a microphone and the confidence to use it.
- Control of your emotions and a "guild first" attitude.


Raiding Schedule (invites start at 19.45)
- Tuesday, 20:00 - 23:30
- Wednesday, 20:00 - 23:30
- Sunday, 20:00 - 23:30

Do you understand that we require regular attendance of these raids? Can you foresee any reasons why you might need to miss these raids, or anything else that might affect your attendance (positively or negatively)?

My mancave will affect my attendance positively, something negative might be holiday in the summer

Your Experience

What is the artifact progress(levels) on your main spec, and for offspec if you have any.
80 and 76

What legendaries do you have for your main spec, and for offspec if you have any(only list relevant / BIS spec legendaries).
All for boomie, for resto im sadly missing Aman'Thul's Wisdom and head

Are you willing/able to play any other class with similar artifact progress as your main if you have one.

Please post a link to a recent WOL report from a raid you've been part of(preferably kills) ... fficulty=0