Pitbull assitance required please!

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Pitbull assitance required please!

Post by Undaunted » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:41 pm

So i logged on this morning and my macros/keybinding's and some of my add on settings had reset. So i decided now would be a time to reconfigure my ui and change it around a bit. I never used pitbull unit frames until today and they options menu is mind boggling. What i want is:

On my party frames, ALL buffs hidden, and non dispellable debuffs on the left of the unit frame, and then debuffs i can dispel on the right side of the unit frame.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Pitbull assitance required please!

Post by Psuedo » Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:57 pm

Make a new layout under the "Layout Editor" tab, name it Ilieklittlegirlz or maybe Party, whatever you like. Go in to "Groups" tab and chose Party in the drop-down at the top. In the drop-down in the right part of the window (Layot), choose the layout you just made. This will set it up so that when you work with the Ilieklittlegirlz (Party) layout in the Layout Editor, it will edit your Party settings.

Back in the layout editor, select the layout you just made and navigate to "Auras". Navigate to the subtab "Display" and untick "Buffs". That sorts the buffs for the party.

I'm pretty certain that you can't separate the debuffs that are dispellable by you from the rest. You can however use the highlight function, which doens't do exactly what you want but might be useful anyway.

Navigate to "Auras" and then "Highlight". Find the first filter selection, untick "Color by type" and choose a custom color of your choice. If the first filter selection isn't already preset to "Dispellable by me debuffs" then you need to do that too. Just open the drop-down and select it.

Also, at the top of this window there's a Style drop-down. Choose border or normal for what part of the icon you want to highlight. I believe "Normal" lights up the entire icon.

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